DENVER – Craig Taylor’s background is in producing commercials and infomercials for TV, but he felt he also wanted to use his talents to help churches.

In the summer of this year he started HisPlan Stewardship.

HisPlan Stewardship offers churches a selection of programs that feature a themed series of videos, social posts and emails, according to a news release about HisPlan Stewardship.

“At first, I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go,” Taylor said. “I just had this feeling that I needed to do something.”

He eventually narrowed down what he wanted to do with the business and put his focus on helping small to medium-sized churches, though HisPlan Stewardship programs can also be used by large churches as well. He worked a little with his own church, Holy Cross Lutheran in Lincolnton, and was able to get them started in using some of the programs.

“It’s been a series that we’ve used to kind of help people learn about giving,” Holy Cross Lutheran Pastor Chad Walker said.

The church has used other video series in the past, but Walker has found Taylor’s to be the most helpful. In the series they are currently using, it encourages people to give in different ways, which can include time, money and more. Instead of just telling people to give, the series set up a 90-day challenge inviting people to do something new, which has helped many in the church get involved in much more than they were before, Walker said.

Randy Moroz works with Taylor to produce the programs. He knew Taylor from previous commercials and infomercials they’ve worked on and said he is happy to assist him.

The programs they’ve created and are working on are geared toward people who have faith but are interested in finding ways to apply that faith. With so much going on in the world today, to Moroz, the programs offered by HisPlan Stewardship can be helpful to many.

“The way things are happening around the world, I think it’s needed,” he said. “A little light among the shadows goes a long way.”

According to the HisPlan Stewardship press release, each of the videos provided in a series is non-denominational and focuses on the concept of trusting God with your gifts.

Taylor said they have only just started getting the word out about HisPlan Stewardship and, so far, have only worked with Holy Cross Lutheran. But they are working to offer their services to other churches. One dilemma Taylor sometimes runs into when working with churches, especially small churches, is budget constraints. For this reason, he plans to work with each church interested, have faith and let them name their price for the services offered by HisPlan Stewardship.

According to the HisPlan Stewardship website, pricing and support levels offered by the program range from $1 to $400.

Taylor said he is hopeful that one day he will be able to create a place where churches can go to get video, moving graphics and more for free in order to help them better spread their messages.

The materials offered by HisPlan Stewardship are flexible and can be used as part of worship services, stewardship talk or discussion starters for small groups, according to the news release.

“We saw the need for churches of all sizes to have programs that supported stewardship in a positive way,” Taylor said in the news release, “We wanted to create an affordable turnkey way for churches to use today’s media channels for stewardship programs.”

For more information about HisPlan Stewardship, visit its website at or call 704-681-3275.