New Stewardship Program Makes Fundraising Easy And Affordable!

Stewardship Program

After a successful career producing commercials for television, entrepreneur Craig Taylor felt a call to use that experience to help churches with fundraising and stewardship.  HisPlan Stewardship™ is the result of that call.

With all-inclusive stewardship packages, HisPlan Stewardship™ is a fundraising committee’s dream come true.  The video-based series is non-denominational and focused on the concept of trusting God with your gifts. Each program features a themed series of thought-provoking videos that explore the universal teachings of stewardship as told in the Bible. A variety of pre-written communication tools are also included to help you communicate with your congregation during the program. All the hard work has been done for you!

“We saw the need for churches of all sizes to have programs that supported stewardship in a positive way,” said Craig Taylor, founder of HisPlan Stewardship™. “We wanted to create an affordable stewardship program that had everything you need included– something like a VBS program for giving.”

Presentation of these programs is flexible — they can be presented in worship services, as part of a stewardship talk, or as discussion starters for small groups.

“In the pilot program, involvement and outreach suddenly became more visible, and financial giving increased by double digits,” Taylor explained. “It was amazing to see people respond to a message that was positive and focused.”

The best part of this new program is that the pricing is up to you!  Starting as low as $125 for a full 90-day stewardship program, HisPlan Stewardship™ lets you and your congregation pick the price that best fits your budget.

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