Stewardship Programs, Charlotte, NC

Posted by HisPlan stewardship™ June 11th, 2018

Stewardship Programs, Charlotte, NC

Programs designed to support your stewardship message.

90 Days of Testing God

Based on the one place in the bible where God challenges us to test him with our giving. The 90 days of testing God video stewardship program asks the question “What if we gave like never before for 90 days and saw what God did with our gifts?”

This is a fundraising program that works by helping to acknowledge and deal with the fear that can also come with giving.

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Stewardship Programs FAQ

What is a HisPlan stewardship™ program?

Each program is a themed series of videos that explores universal teachings of stewardship presented in the bible. We include a plan for how to use these videos and even some pre-written emails and communications pieces. A HisPlan stewardship program is as turn-key as possible so you can take part in and enjoy the spiritual journey along with your congregation.

What does a HisPlan stewardship™ program cost?

HisPlan stewardship™ programs are priced based on the size of your average weekly attendance.  So they are affordable for all size churches and pay for themselves with only a very small increase in giving.

Are HisPlan stewardship™ programs specific to one denomination?

No, our programs are non-denominational and stick to exploring the big themes and stories about stewardship presented in the Bible. They are thought-provoking and interesting, too!

Do HisPlan stewardship™ programs involve pledges and commitments?

No they don’t. Our stewardship programs only ask people to give or share just a little more money, time and/or talents than they are comfortable with as a way to build trust and relationship with God.

Can HisPlan stewardship™ programs be used for small group discussions or in social media?

The video-based stewardship programs we offer here at HisPlan stewardship™ are perfect for small group discussion starters and even social media posts.  The visually impactful and thought-provoking videos usually lead to lots of comments, sharing and interesting conversations.

Where can I watch the videos that come with the program I’ve selected before I purchase?

You can either click the “learn more” button that appears on each page of this website or visit our YouTube channel.