Church Leaders, Denver, NC

We want church leaders in Denver to know how effective our unique stewardship program can be.

Church leaders everywhere, including in Denver, North Carolina, often share a challenge: it is difficult to inspire stewardship and giving within their congregation. Here at HisPlan Stewardship™, our video-based stewardship program is the solution. Designed for church leaders everywhere, this program encourages people to share their financial and non-financial gifts while simultaneously discovering the path God has laid out for them.

Church Leaders in Denver, North Carolina

Church leaders who invest in our program receive several things to ensure their plans and goals are successful:

  • Four carefully crafted videos that do not create feelings of guilt within congregations, but rather inspire them through teachings found in the Bible. These videos are designed to be viewed incrementally over a 90-day period.
  • Social media video posts with engaging headlines to reinforce the message and encourage new members to join the program.
  • Over 10 pre-written email and presentation templates. These allow church leaders to stay in touch with their congregation during the stewardship program.
  • A detailed program planner that outlines when to use each video, social media post, and email to ensure the stewardship program is as effective as possible.

We want church leaders everywhere to know our overall message does not induce guilt, and our program is not obligation-based. Instead, our message stays low pressure and positive by remaining committed to Jesus’ teaching and biblical principles. For more information about our stewardship program and how it can help your congregation connect with God and trust Him more than ever, reach out to us today.