Church Fundraising, Denver, NC

Our church fundraising programs inspire congregations in Denver to give by building trust and relationships.

Church fundraising can be a difficult task, especially since you have to engage so many and convince them that sharing their monetary and non-monetary gifts is a worthwhile effort. If you are looking for a new, fulfilling, and effective way to promote church fundraising among your congregation, we encourage you to look into our unique approach to fundraising.

Church Fundraising in Denver, North Carolina

At HisPlan Stewardship™, our church fundraising programs inspire congregations in Denver, North Carolina to give by building trust and relationships. They feature a series of videos that are presented to congregations and designed to increase gift-sharing while also helping people discover what God’s plans are for them through this process.

Our church fundraising videos are not pushy and do not inspire guilt. Rather, they focus on the teachings in the Bible and encourage congregations to give what they can, both financially and non-financially, to a greater cause. Your purchase of our fundraising series comes with social media video posts, over 10 pre-written emails and presentation templates, and an easy-to-follow program planner. This program lasts for 90 days and includes everything you need to create a stewardship movement in your church without the time-consuming prep work.

We would be more than happy to give you further information about our unique video series and why it is an effective form of church fundraising. Contact us at HisPlan Stewardship™ today to speak with one of our representatives about your options and to find out why our fundraising program is the ideal solution.