About HisPlan Stewardship™

Posted by HisPlan stewardship™ August 21st, 2018

Our video stewardship series inspires congregations.

Churches, their contributions to society, and their congregations change the world. Through the power of giving, both financial and non-financial, more good is done, more people are helped, and the involvement that results from working together toward a common goal reaches new heights. At HisPlan stewardship™, we build trust and relationships while encouraging the journey of positive growth through gift giving. During each video-based program, sequential videos are presented to your congregation which challenge them to increase the sharing of their gifts while discovering what God has planned for them through this process.

Each video builds upon the previous one and addresses not only the blessings that come from sharing more, but also acknowledges the fear that comes with trusting and giving more. Providing tools and strategies to deal with this fear, this immersive video series has a powerful message and strong applications for congregations of any faith or denomination.

Our video-based stewardship programs yield positive growth in financial giving. However, the most exciting result is all of the new outreach and increased involvement that happens when members are inspired to share their non-financial gifts with others around them.

HisPlan stewardship™ is different because our overall message does not induce guilt, and it is not obligation-based. Rather, the message remains positive and low pressure by staying committed to biblical principles and Jesus’ teachings. Ask your congregation to simply connect with God, trusting Him more than ever, and watch as small changes are made that build on themselves for years to come.